Why This Blog Exists

I’m documenting my experiences in this journey to the music business, and I want a place to express my views and feelings so maybe, someday, other people can see what it’s really like to break into this world that’s such a delicate mix of art and commerce.

Basic Bio

I was born and raised in Ohio, and, while I love all of my friends and family there, I wouldn’t move back there for an unlimited supply of Nutella and hummus. I went to Ohio State for a year for music, hated it, and decided to reapply to Berklee College of Music. So I moved to Boston three years ago to get my degree in Music Business. Best. Decision. Ever. I realized I needed to start being involved in anything that piqued my interest, so I started going to and volunteering for the Songwriters Club, which I later took over as President. I also started and ran the Ski and Snowboard Club for the last two years. I’ve been planning concerts and events and learned about social media and organization. Because of that experience, as well as two digital marketing internships in New York last summer, I’m moving to Colorado in June to work at a music festival there in “Special Projects and Marketing.”

<==Back in the day (about two years ago)








Self Description


I’m 5’6″, have ultra fair skin, red hair and freckles and, dammit, I’m proud of it. I’m fairly introverted, which I’ve had to learn to overcome in this business, but it’s still something I work on every day. I’ve been told my interactions are “businesslike,” even in certain situations that are purely social. Whoops!






Also, I never wear matching socks. Ever.







Things I like:









Music, snowboarding, baking, anything with chocolate and peanut butter, Scrubs, psychology, reading, StumbleUpon, Cracked.com, reading entrepreneurial blogs, online shopping, planning, ambition, intelligent conversation, driving on empty roads at night, cities, mountains, Super Smash Bros., Pokemon, N64, memes, LOLCats (yeah…I know), the colors blue and green, the smell of tire stores and just-put-out candles, finding whole sand dollars, my dog Kiwi.


Things I don’t like:

Country music, playing sports that involve throwing balls, the physical act of writing, scary movies, laziness (mine or other people’s), chronic lateness, disorganization, small talk, confrontation, humidity, lukewarm showers, mornings, coffee, bacon (yeah…I know), incense, the colors yellow and pink, sunburns, crime TV shows, Uggs/sweatpants combo, sexist jokes.

You can contact me at musikleigh@gmail.com



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