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I did it again. My eyes were bigger than my stomach this semester, so to speak, and I let some things off my radar, including this blog. I feel the itch to write again, though, so I’m going to. It won’t be the same as before – I want to be more honest and creative – use this blog as an outlet and source to help clarify my thoughts when they jumble as they so often do.

I will still do a weekly band, and I’ll update when I can. For now, here are my thoughts on creating and fear.

It seems the average person always has at least one idea that they believe would be a brilliant addition to the world, which they then proceed to let fade into their minds without taking action. I’m fairly confident everyone has done this at some point, so why don’t we take that idea and make it happen?

Mostly, I think, it’s a fear. A fear of changing habit, a fear of putting effort into something that could fail, a fear of actually having to try. To me recently, it’s been a fear that in the end what I create won’t really matter anyway.

I’ve put in the effort before, made my ideas reality, created something that once was just wishful thinking, and still never felt like it was enough. But really, who decides what’s enough? Is it the people involved with the project, the crowd, the all-knowing “they?”

No, it’s me. Each person gets to decide for themselves what they believe to be enough. Satisfaction comes from creating your concepts, even if they have cracks and look a little crooked. It’s still a feat to be able to say “I made that. And now I get to share it with the world.”

So just take that first step, even if it seems impossible. Whatever fear you have can be kept at bay through the will to create and be passionate. If you lose yourself in trepidation and doubt, find a source of inspiration, whether through music, a friend, or quotes on the internet (all of which I’ve utilized), and lose yourself in it instead.