Why I Won’t Be Attending Your Band’s Next Show

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Advice, Bands, Links, Promotion, Social Media
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You may (or maybe not) remember from when I first started blogging that I love going to shows. If I can find a good show for every night of the week, it’s been a fucking fantastic week. There was a blizzard (snowpocalypse? yay sensationalism) this past weekend and the worst part wasn’t that every place to get food was closed or that I could barely walk anywhere, it was that the shows I was excited for were canceled.

Pictured: not me

That being said, there are so many shows each week that I have to pick and choose. And I’ve noticed some patterns in the shows that get the shaft. So here are some reasons I won’t be going to your band’s next show:

1. You Had A Show A Week Ago

And have one next week too. Even if I haven’t been to any of your shows, I’m more likely to see the band who plays, at MOST, every two weeks than someone I know I can just wait to see next week.

If I have seen your show, playing so often provides no distinction between each performance. It’s better to play a show, then take the time to develop your songs, performance, or stage presence, and THEN play a show. That way it feels completely new and interesting and I’ll actually be interested to see what you have planned for next time.

2. I Have No Idea What You Sound Like

This baffles me. Fans don’t become fans by finding you on Facebook and waiting until they can go to a show to hear your music. Fans are formed with the least effort (for them) possible. Put up at least one song before you start playing out – unless you’re playing open mic nights where there’s a guaranteed audience.

3. It’s In Another State

Facebook has ways to sort your friends for a reason. If I’m in Boston and your show is in Rhode Island, there’s no way I’ll be coming…just don’t even invite me. I’ll get all excited for it and then realize it’s definitely not walking distance. If you want to offer me a ride and place to stay, that’s a different story…I’m always down for a good adventure πŸ˜‰


You cannot annoy me into attending your show. And for the love of god, don’t send me a personal message unless we are close enough that we’ve shared a fork.


Now here are some tips from my favorite Internet places:





  1. Dan says:

    What about your own shows? You do so much promoting for other bands, and managing, and startup-ing, do we get to hear you sing sometime?! πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks for the shout out for “How To Run A Band”! Much appreciated!

    Step #2 can be difficult when a band doesn’t have recordings, yet. I think even a cheap recording helps.

    • musikleigh says:

      Yes! A demo, or even a live recording (or recording of a rehearsal), can be enough to get people interested – maybe enough to fund a Kickstarter for a better recording πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the comment.

  3. Jdngerz says:

    Reblogged this on JDnGerz.. and commented:
    Why peeps won’t come to your bands show? + Demanding a Better Artist
    *(good insight reblog from Musikleighalive.wordpress.com + my own thoughts = YEY)
    We just had a band meeting and I stressed the important of understanding “the way things are…at the moment” in terms of marketing our band (I’ve been wanting to do a post about this cuz it’s insanely imperative for us/anyone really trying to market stuff at the moment.. but got a bunch of s**t going on life-wise/been a tad bit busy lately/bleh). Main point is: We’ve shifted to a value-oriented market place and it requires us as artists to provide that value to the fans. We’re not the special ones, the fans/people you are trying to win over are. Amazing is still amazing, but the bar is definitely set higher as far as what people want and expect. At least I know that’s true for me….I as a person living now in 2013 with a computer/phone/tablet + internet can access whatever the f I want kinda music at whatever the f time I want to listen to it….And even if I do like your music…..why am I gonna shell out my hard earned cash to come to your show? hmmmm. I know going to a live show is way more fun than not going….but I can only imagine other peeps probably feel the same (They’re probably saying it in a much nicer way), and we expect someone that’s performing to be awesome, right? Well, so we (my band) talked about it at our meeting and started thinking in terms of “what we want as fans/consumer when we go see someone play/come across new music..” and what matters to us as fans of music… So we’re gonna try our best to provide that. The last show we played was really cool because it gave me the chance to own up to the words that I speak…..And I think we did well, and I felt pretty damn good about it….It was fun and we met alot of new, cool peeps as well. πŸ™‚ On to the next yo…on to the next.

    *Here’s our pre-meeting email thread, if ya want a samp. of our brainstorming…(excuse the language..)
    FROM: Jimmy Lee
    to MUNIR, me, josh, josh
    Alright little duders and dudettes! I wanna start off by saying Good shit on saturdays show! There are some obvious mistakes and critiques that i’ll bring up at the meeting…..Now lets get on track with what we set as far as deadlines. New materials amongst other things. When did yall nigz wanna have a meeting? Im down for friday, saturday, or sunday. Im free all those days and have nothin to do except rehearse by myself at the studio…I’ll be doin my part towards writing new stuff and showing you guys. We are slowly making the “bowow” song better and its shedding into something pretty sicnasty! …As far as lyrics go, I do have some that might work (and vocal melody). Lets get to creating since we have a huge open amount of time before our next show on the 30th and nothing booked after that. I wanted to let you guys know that we should definitely look into booking another tour and not rely/depend on AFE for any dates. We have not got any confirmation so i’ll be looking into another short run (Maybe a week this time??)…I’ve also been contacting and collecting contact info for music fests around California as well as endorsement deals and what not. We need to talk about our plans of taking over the hard rock scene in Los Angeles and BE the band that everyone talks about. Promotion IS a huge part of doing that. So as far as social media sites go, you can only do so much. I’ll be taking my days off and goin to local shows because it seems physically pushing your music on someone is what works as far as experience goes. If it takes to get to know one person at a time, its worth it. Any who, lets confirm a date on a meeting and catch everyone up on band business. Gobble titty milk and suck pussy lips all day.
    From Me:
    *Jimmy you beat me to this email..so f ur esp bullshit…
    Glad you’re gettin the jist of where the market is headed. It’s imperative that we all understand this, and soak up as much (be it from outside sources, my ass discussing it all the time, or the best way: realizing it from your own experiences..) People want a personal quality experience that they GIVE value to (not find value in..), and they want it from an authentic/real, proper/qualified source/artist. The bar is forever raised higher now, because that bar is now based on actuality. (wow, I actually talk like this…im a fuckin nerd)

  4. Jdngerz says:

    awesome dude… i reblogged

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